The following images and words are made available to us courtesy of Osose Oboh.

Wildflower-portrait inspiration
Wildflowers- portrait inspiration - portrait noire

—As the muse for the WILDFLOWER photo story, Lilian embodied the interpretation of beauty and mystery. A Rwandan born of the Hutu and Tutsi tribe, Lilian’s journey as an artist was cultivated through time—even during moments of conflict. As a child, she was enveloped in moments of solitude, surrounded by the deadly chaos in Rwanda.

Wildflower-osose portrait inspiration




a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention.

Yet, she overcame this tragedy and blossomed into a colorful personality. Inspired by her face and African hue, I took a trip to Los Angeles to capture her essence. She talked about moving to America at the age of 15 shortly after the end of the genocide and beginning to understand the complexities of her unusual background. As a wildflower that grew in the midst of these life-changing events, she remains poised.

Wildflower - osose- black portraits
Black portraits - wildflower portrait inspiration

She’s yet to return to her homeland. The LOOK was inspired by nature, L.A landscape, as well as her signature haircut. Flowers, African prints, shades of pink and orange were selected for Lilian’s shoot at Venice Beach. The first look featured the celebrated Demestiks NY wrap dress followed by thrifted pieces and assorted jewelry. Her crown was adorned with fresh flowers while her African continent tattoo came into play towards the end of the shoot.

—Jennifer Nnamani of Beau Monde Society


Photography: Osose Oboh
Location: Los Angeles, CA © 2017