Debut Shoot

we know.

Creators who focus their art on capturing people of color are not in short supply. We share an incredible amount of work on social media, on the internet in general  and amongst ourselves. 

But we also know this—it is hard to find these portraits online unless you visit the creator's individual domains. If you do a google search on the term "portrait photography inspiration", you'll find very few people of color. If you add "black" to it, you find black and white images of people who are not of color. We feel this is unacceptable.

to do
about it.

  1. Increase visibility of black portraits on search engines.
  2. Build, from the ground up, a mood board aimed at inspiring creators.

During our debut shoot, we focused on one thing—defining what black portraits really look like.

We focused on humans and what truly connects us as a people and as a culture.


As creators ourselves, our passion is to develop a platform that we love to use. One that we are proud of and ultimately proves useful to you.


One thing we're passionate about is to create a platform that truly inspires you to start the project you never started. Finish the one you started. Jumpstart the idea you're yet to have.

Photography by: Kwesi
Directed by: Bridget
Models: GraceSinclairAzeez & Okwudili