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Portraitnoire is a platform that aims to increase awareness of photographs of black people and highlight the community behind it. We do this by focusing on the stories that powerful images tell and how that can further and sculpt the black narrative.

The platform is meant to be nurturing of all talents, interests and skills level of persons looking involved in the making and consumption of these images.

It is not intended to be a stock photography resource.

Guidance on name

“Portraitnoire” is one word, the rift in the logo must not be interpreted as two separate words. “Portraitnoire” may be capitalized if it starts a sentence, otherwise, the word must be written in lowercase letters— “portraitnoire”. The word may be italicized.

Guidance on logo

portraitnoire logo
portraitnoire logo
portraitnoire logo

the “logo” and “logomark” may be used interchangeably. Download the full brand guide below.