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// It is important to challenge yourself to grow in everything and anything you do. It allows you to keep learning and improving upon whatever skills and talents you have. When I started shooting, I did not want to edit my photos. I loved them exactly as they were, straight from my camera. By refusing to edit, I taught myself how to play with natural light and really get creative with my surroundings. But, I closed a door that would have given me the opportunity to refine my images further, make them more dramatic or whatever might have been needed to enhance them. Different areas of photography require editing/retouching, end of story.

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After a year or two, I started editing my photos a little bit. Playing with exposure, shadows, highlights, etc. But by the end of last year, with the direction photography is taking (some things sadden me lol), I decided that learning how to retouch would be in my best interest as someone who loves to learn and improve. This series of museings is dedicated to my first few attempts..the colors may seem may notice imperfections..I don't really care. I am just proud of myself for taking another step forward in bettering myself and my craft.

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Photo: Osose Oboh
Model: Joy Green
Styling: Kristina Garnett (Joni Margaux)
Location: Los Angeles, CA