our mision

To increase awareness of photographs of black people and highlight the community behind it.

We'll achieve this by:

  1. Collaborating with content creators to publish more portraits that are representative of people of color.

  2. Appropriately tagging images for optimal search engine results.

  3. Adding to the narrative by telling individual stories through portrait photography.

This platform is not a stock photography service. Our only goal is to reflect back to you, art that you love to create and consume.

our story

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“A while back, I was in search of inspiration for my portrait photography. So I proceeded to visit google and search for "portrait photography inspiration". What I found was astonishing, albeit not unexpected.

The search results returned featured very little to no people of color. I didn't crunch the numbers to figure out the percentages but what I had witnessed was enough. I posted a screen recording of the search to my instagram story and most people who reached out to me felt the same way.

From (L-R): @ justlimitless , @ sinclxr  & @ lulgrace . Directed by @ botchwav . Photographed by @ kwesithethird

From (L-R): @justlimitless, @sinclxr & @lulgrace. Directed by @botchwav. Photographed by @kwesithethird

The first step, at that point was complete: identifying the problem. It was up to us to do something to rectify it. A few hours after, my Instagram friend Osose shared a link with me of work she dubbed "My Kind of Beautiful". It was apparent to me, instantly, that people are working. Hope!”

Paa Kwesi Yanful, founder

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Work on this platform started shortly afterwards, with hopes of making contributions towards inspiring you to create and share, and you in turn, inspiring others.